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Taiko Center Online Shop
Description Taiko Center Online Shop
Taiko Center Co., Ltd. is a Japanese musical instruments company based in Kyoto city. We sell our products to the customers from all over the world. We have English website and offe...
Products [Drum]
Nagado daiko, Shime daiko, Oke daiko, Hirado daiko, Eisa daiko

Shinobue, Ryuteki, Nohkan, Hichiriki, Sho, Shakuhachi, Horagai

Drumstick, Chappa, Chanchiki, Hyoshigi, Tettou

[String Instrument]
Shamisen, Biwa

[Japanese Costume]
Happi, Tabi, Matahiki, Muneate, Haramaki, Sarashi, Hachimaki, Tekkou

CD, Book, DVD, Gagaku, Nohgaku, Eisa, Folk arts
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