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Bite Sized Rusk (melon flavor) 32 pieces
Stock-food suitable for all ages.

Item code: JS31005-2001D-3002V

Market price: 17600JPY
Our Price: 13760JPY

[melon flavor] is a soft rusk coated with the fruity taste of sweet and sour melon juice

Made by a company that provided bread to schools all over the country, these bite sized rusks are perfect for people of all ages.
The biscuits were covered in chocolate during the baking process, causing them to become soft and easily consumable.
● They take up minimal space, making them easy to store.
● The packaging is suitable to all ages.
● The small size makes it easier to carry with you outside. (For stranded people or people using BCP)
● There is very little waste, making the product relatively eco-friendly.
● Easy to stock-up on! Free of charge, you can sign up to get an email about when the best before date is coming up!
※ For this service, please go to the manufacturer’s website for more information.
◎ Click here for more information about Tokyo Fine Foods

Detail: ●Product name: Bite Sized Rusk [melon flavor] / Weight: 70g / bag / Reference: Packed in aluminum (Per piece) /Quantity: 32 pieces

【Lasts for】5 years from date of production

【Nutrition Facts】
・Melon flavored coating (vegetable oil, sugar, lactose, whole milk powder, dextrin, powdered melon juice), bread/emulsifier, acidulants, coloring (Monascus, Carthamus tinctorius, Cape jasmine), flavoring. (May contain traces of wheat, soya beans, milk)

【Nutrition per 70g】
Energy: 370kcal  Protein: 4.8g Fat: 20.2g Carbohydrates: 42.5g Sodium: 0.2g

※Store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

【Product size / Weight】
・Product size: width 16.0 x depth 6.0 x height 16.0cm
・Packaging size per set: width 53.9 x depth 30.9 x height 16.0cm
・Total set weight: Approximately 7310g

【Manufacture and sales】
・Manufacturer: TOKYO FINE FOODS
・Made in: Japan

【inspection agency】

【Used by】
・ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Imperial Guards, the Prefectural office of Shizuoka and Osaka, Chiba city fire department, University of Osaka Prefecture, co-op stores, etc.

Bite Sized Rusk (melon flavor) 32 pieces
Bite Sized Rusk (melon flavor) 32 pieces
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Stock-food suitable for all ages.
Retail price:17600JPY
Our price: 13760JPY

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