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6 cans/Crackers(910g)×3、chicken stew(422g)×3

Item code: JS31017-2001C-3001P

Market price: 41,400JPY
Our Price: 41,400JPY

This chicken stew's Family Set includes 3 cans of crackers as a staple food, along with 3 chicken stews.
The "big can series" is recommended for families and companies. One set includes 6 cans providing an approximate total of 60 meals, enough to feed a family of 4 for 5 days.

Thick and filling cracker. You can enjoy it by itself or with a side dish as a staple, as it brings out the original flavor of the ingredients, and is delicious for children and adults.

・Chicken Stew/
Sweet and soft cream stew that melts in your mouth with the harmony of Japanese potatoes, colored vegetables, moist and tender chicken, and white turkey. It is a stew with the taste of a home, which lets you relaxed.

Detail: ●Product name: Survival Food [big cans] Chicken Stew's Family Set (approximately 60 meals)
・Item 1: Cracker / Weight:910g / Quantity:3
・Item 2: Chicken Stew / Weight:422g / Quantity:3
・Comes with 6 can openers (1 opener per can)

【Best before date】
25 years from date of production (Kept at room temperature)

・Container: Can 
・The contents of each can (ingredients, seasonings, etc.) are listed on the detailed page.

【Standard Nutrient Content】
・Nutrient content of each can is listed on the detailed page.

・Approximately 7.5 liters of water is required to cook one set of this product (excluding crackers).
・Be careful not to cut your hand with a can opener.
・Oxygen absorber is included. Remove it as it is inedible.
・Consume it as soon as possible after opening the can. After cooking, be sure to use up all of the content as it cannot be stored. (except for crackers)
・Consume it as soon as possible after opening the can. (Crackers only).
・Do not heat the container in a direct flame, stove, or microwave oven.
・Do not store in high temperature, high humidity, or under condensation, and do not apply strong pressure.
・The best-before date is the date when it is not opened at room temperature.
・Country of manufacture: Japan (Note: Nagatanien is outsourced to manufacture)

【Product size / Weight】
・Product size: width 15.9 x depth 15.9 x height 17.8cm
・Packing size: width 48.7 x depth 32.4 x height 19.9cm
・Total weight: 6710g

【Manufacture and sales】
・Brand name (manufacturer name): Sei Enterprise, Inc.
・Selling agency: Sei Enterprise, Inc.
・Country of manufacture: Japan

【Inspection Organization, Applicable Standard, etc.】
・Quality assurance by Nagatanien's original quality assurance system (NAFASAS)

【Trademark Registration】 Class: Survival Foods

【Delivery Record】
・local government・public interest incorporated foundation
・Political party・Religious corporation・N P O
・Voluntary groups・news organization・private company
・Bank・Brokerage house・general insurance …etc.

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Survival Food (big cans) Chicken Stew's Family Set (approximately 60 meals)
Survival Food (big cans) Chicken Stew's Family Set (approximately 60 meals)
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6 cans/Crackers(910g)×3、Chicken Stew(422g)×3
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Our price: 41400JPY

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