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Essentials to buy with your boat

Item code: JS31029-2001C-3001P

Market price: 11000JPY
Our Price: 11000JPY

The boat itself is dangerous.
We recommend that you purchase a life jacket to ensure your safety at the very least.

・Point 1
With crotch strap for safety when diving
・Point 2
The armpit opens wide for improved mobility.
・Point 3
Breathable, back-opening type
・Point 4.
Rust-free plastic buckle in the front part
・Point 5
Eliminate discomfort around the neck with the shoulder bell system
・Point 6
6 pockets: 2 large pockets, 2 small surface pockets and 2 mesh pockets

Contents:Product Name: Life Jacket | Adult / Unisex / One size fits all Ocean BW-2003 Type D
・Use: Life jackets for small boats
※This life vest (Ocean BW-2003 Type D) is approved as legal equipment for the shipboard inspection of small vessels (excluding passenger vessels) within the restricted coastline area.
・Color: Red/Blue/Black
・Size: up to 130cm around the chest
・Suitable Size: up to 80kg
・Buoyancy: 8.0kgf

[Manufacturing & Sales]
・Brand name (manufacturer name): Ocean Life
・Selling agency: Sei Enterprise, Inc.

[Inspection Agency & Applicable standard, etc.]
・Type approval number: No. 4587
※Complies with the revised type approval standards of October 2013
※Conforming Type to the revised scope of obligation to wear the product in February 2018

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Life Jacket | Adult / Unisex / One size fits all
Life Jacket | Adult / Unisex / One size fits all
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Essentials to buy with your boat
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Retail price:11000JPY
Our price: 11000JPY

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