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Fuji Mineral water 500mL×24bottles
Emergency water that lasts for 5 years

Item code: JS31023-2001C-3001P

Market price: 4400JPY
Our Price: 4400JPY

This Fuji mineral water has been in production since 1929. It’s been used frequently by the government for various summits all over the country at the Imperial hotel for years.
It was even used during the great Kanto earthquake of 1923, when the Imperial Hotel took in all the victims, before it had even entered the market.
It’s produced by FUJI mineral water Co., Ltd. of FUJIKYUKO.CO., LTD.

【This is what makes Fuji mineral water special】
● First sold in 1929, this pure mineral water has been sold for 80 years
● High class hotels, such as the Imperial Hotel, use this water for international summits; from the north of Hokkaido to the south of Okinawa, even in Tokyo.
● This water is taken from the bottoms of Mt. Fuji (840m above sea level) and is low in alkaline and thus very soft and refreshing to drink.
● There’s plenty of vanadium in this water from Mt. Fuji, making it a perfect match for tea or coffee. It has a good balance of minerals and is delicious even if even if consumed at room temperature.
● It’s a natural, soft water and thus safe for children and infants to drink as well.

Detail: ●Product name: Fuji Mineral water /Weight:500mL / Quantity:24

[Best before date]
5 years 3 months from date of production

[Standard Nutrient Content]
・(Per 100ml): 0kcal/100ml
Protein 0, Fat 0, Carbohydrates 0, Sodium 0.54mg (salt equivalent 0.001g), Calcium 0.95mg, Magnesium 0.36mg, Potassium 0.13mg, Vanadium 60μg/L, pH 8.0 (alkaline), hardness 38mg/L (soft water)

[Product size / Weight]
・Product size: width 6.0 x depth 6.0 x height 20.5cm
・Packing size: width 37.0 x depth 25.0 x height 21.7cm
・Total weight: 13510g

[Manufacture and sales]
・Brand (manufacturer):FUJI mineral water Co., Ltd.
・Selling agency: Sei Enterprise, Inc.
・Country of manufacture: Japan: Fuji Yoshida city, Yamanashi perfecture (840m above sea level)

Fuji Mineral water 500mL×24 bottles
Fuji Mineral water 500mL×24 bottles
Inquiry-JS31023-2001C-3001P-Fuji Mineral water 500mL×24 bottles
Emergency water that lasts for 5 years

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