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Protein-rich, gluten-free, no animal ingredients, 5-year shelf life

Item code: JS31053-2103K-4004V

Market price: 15000JPY
Our Price: 15000JPY

"Tofu," a Japanese health food (the main ingredient is soybeans only), is processed into a gluten-free, delicious jerky flavor. Tofu jerky can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere, and can be stored for a long time.
Tofu Jerky is Japanese new reserve food and emergency food. From Kochi, we deliver it to people all over the world.

[Features of Phase Free TOFU JERKY]
- Provides protein that tends to be lacking in times of disaster and evacuation.
Provides a large amount of protein, which tends to be lacking in stockpiled and rationed food (11.8g per bag).

- Contains only soybeans among 27 allergens (specified raw materials, etc.)
 Contains as few allergens as possible and no chemical seasonings or synthetic preservatives.

- No animal ingredients.
 It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

- Supplemental calorie intake
 128 kcal per bag

- No cooking required
 Can be eaten straight out of the bag.

- It is eaten on a daily basis in Kochi. 
 As a protein supplement for sportsmen. As a snack with beer. As a snack for children. Can be chopped and used as a topping for salads or Furikake seasoning.

- Lightweight and compact, so it can be stored in a space-saving manner.
 Light and compact because of its low water content and vacuum packaging.
 1 case (50 packs): 447mm x 167mm x 177mm, 2500g

*This product is custom-made. It will be shipped in approximately two weeks. Please check the delivery time separately.
*We are flexible in terms of packaging size and number of orders. Please contact us also for mass orders.

Contents: Phase Free TOFU JERKY (Single unit capacity 40g) x 50 pcs.
[Materials and Ingredients]
- Soybeans (made in Japan), soy sauce, sugar, mirin / coagulant (magnesium chloride [Nigari] from crude seawater)
Package: Aluminum vacuum pack

[Standard Nutrient Content]
Nutrition Facts (per 40g bag) / Total calories: 128kcal / Protein: 11.8g / Fat: 2g / Sugar: 14.8g / Carbohydrates: 16.4g / Salt equivalent: 1.6g

[Size and Weight of the Product]
- Size of single item cm: W10.5 x H17.0 x D1.5
- Packing size cm: W44.7 x H17.7 x D16.7
- Packing weight: approx. 2500g

[Manufacturing and Sales]
- Brand name (manufacturer): TANAKA SHOKU Co, Ltd.
- Distributor: TANAKA SHOKU Co, Ltd.
- Country of manufacture: Japan (Kochi Prefecture)
[Inspection Body, Applicable Standards, etc.]
-Registered product by Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Industry Association

[Delivery Record]
-Kochi Prefectural Police Headquarters, Kochi Prefecture Industrial Promotion Division, private companies

Phase Free TOFU JERKY(Gluten-free)
Phase Free TOFU JERKY(Gluten-free)
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Protein-rich, gluten-free, no animal ingredients, 5-year shelf life
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 15000JPY

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