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Space-saving multi-functional stretcher

Item code: JS31010-2001C-3001P

Market price: 88000JPY
Our Price: 88000JPY

This sleeping bag takes up no space and is perfect to store in the office.
Different from sleeping bags that are used for outdoor activities, this sleeping bag is made to be used in emergency situations, such as times you may not be able to get home from work.
It's made from fast-drying materials and the bottom of the bag is insulated to ensure warmth. It comes with an air cushion, as well as a stretcher that will make transporting the bag easier.
The main feature of this bag is the ease with which it can be compressed using the vacuum pack, compacting it into an easier to store form for long periods of time.

Detail: ●Product name: Vacuum compressed sleeping bag for emergencies 10 bags / Weight: 1400g /Quantity: 10
・Air cushion, Knapsack Included

・ Please don't use the rope or belt for anything other than the sleeping bag. There is a tripping hazard with children and the elderly, please be careful.
・ Don't sleep with the zipper fully zipped. It could lead to suffocation.
・ The stretcher will bear 100kg. Don’t use the belts for anything other than the stretcher.
Be careful when entering and exiting the sleeping bag. The zipper may break if too much force is applied. Be careful removing the bag from it's storage container.
・ Make sure not to get any material stuck in the zipper when opening or closing. If something does get stuck, slowly pull the zipper back.
・ Don’t store it near direct sunlight or water.
・ If using the air cushion while wet, the color may rub off or fade. Please use with care.
・ Don't over-inflate the air cushion. The edges of the cushion should appear slightly wrinkled when inflated. Don't use air pumps for risk of breaking the cushion.
・ Don't use the air cushion as a toy in pools or the ocean.
・ Make sure to remove the air cushion before washing the sleeping bag in the washing machine.
※If it's very dirty, please wipe it with neutral detergent using a towel or sponge before putting it in the washing machine.
・ Do not put it in the dryer.
・ After washing, hang it in the shade to air dry.
・ Make sure it's completely dry before returning it to the knapsack; store it in a dark, dry space.
・ The air cushion can't be put in the washing machine. Please use a cloth or towel to wipe it clean.
・ If the air cushion gets wet, let it air dry naturally. Do not store while wet.

・Sleeping bag: Outer material(Polyester 100%) Cushion (Polyester 100%) Belt portion (Polyester 100%)
・Air cushion: Vinyl chloride resin (Frock processed)

【Product size / Weight】
・Product size: width 80 x height 210cm (open size: width 160 x height 210cm)
・Packing size: width 51 x depth 49 x height 37cm
・Total weight: 15010g

【Manufacture and sales】
・Brand (manufacturer):TOWA Co.,Ltd
・Seller:SEI Enterprise
・Made in: China

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Vacuum compressed sleeping bag for emergencies – 10 bags
Vacuum compressed sleeping bag for emergencies – 10 bags
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Space-saving multi-functional stretcher
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