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Floating Cushion
A life jacket that can be used as a cushion and always be close to you

Item code: JS31031-2001C-3001P

Market price: 4762JPY
Our Price: 4762JPY

This is a life jacket designed in response to the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. It can be used as a cushion at home, at work and at school, so it is always close at hand. The buoyant body is made of a high performance material that is durable, flexible and provides high buoyancy. It can be used not only for emergency preparedness, but also for waterfront activities. Installation instructions are printed on the body of the device, so even first-time users can install the device easily and securely. . Comes with an emergency whistle.

Contents:Product Name:Floating Cushion /Volume:620g/Quantity:1pc
・Color: Sunset Orange (SSOG)
・Size: Adult size, one-size fits all (chest measurement 72 to 113cm)
・Storage size: 39×39×39×5.5 cm in thickness (when folded)
・Buoyancy: 7.5kg

※It is recommended that you learn the fitting procedure at least once a year during an emergency drill, and experience the posture and rescue procedures when being swept away in a pool or a safe river.
※About maintenance
・Please use a neutral detergent.
・Please do not use a dryer.
・After use, be sure to rinse out the salt with fresh water.

[Size and Weight of the Product]
・Total weight: 630g

[Manufacturing & Sales]
・Brand name (manufacturer name): mont-bell
・Selling agency: Sei Enterprise, Inc.

*Click here to watch a video of how to install Floating Cushion

Floating Cushion
Floating Cushion
Inquiry-JS31031-2001C-3001P-Floating Cushion
A life jacket that can be used as a cushion and always be close to you

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