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Light and strong! A "stretcher for disaster prevention" that can be easily carried by women and elderly people

Item code: JS31051-2103K-4002V

Market price: 38250JPY
Our Price: 38250JPY

[Features of EASY STRETCHER]
●Capable of transporting even with limited manpower, demonstrating high transport and mobility capabilities in emergencies and crises!!

- Its shape can be changed according to the transport scene, so it can be used on stairs, mountain roads, bad road, and the like.

- A single person can transport by towing like a sled.

- Can transport 10 people at maximum.

- Four belts are included to prevent the person being carried from falling and to be used when towing.

●The storage method is also carefully considered for immediate use in an emergency.

- It can stand on its own, minimizing storage space.
* Installation size for storage: 28cm in diameter (78cm in height)

- Lightweight and easy to carry out and use.

- Polypropylene material that is washable in water. It can be cleanly re-stored after use.

- It comes with a special bag with the word "STRETCHER" printed in large letters for easy identification.
*The words on the bag are "STRETCHER". If you wish to have other characters or marks printed, please contact us. We will give you a separate estimate.

Main unit weight: 3.9kg
Maximum load: 200kg

Contents: EASY STRETCHER / Number of units: 1

- Storage bag, 4 shoulder belts, instruction manual

[Warranty Period]
- 5 years

[Materials and Ingredients]
- Body sheet section: Polyester, polyvinyl chloride
- Belt: Polypropylene
- Bottom sheet: Polypropylene

*The bottom sheet is a consumable item. Please replace it when it wears out and becomes thin.

[Size and Weight of the Product]
- Size of single item cm: W180.0 x D60.0 x H1.2
- Packing size cm: W78.0 x D28.0 x H28.0
- Packing weight: approx. 4010g

[Manufacturing and Sales]
- Brand name (manufacturer): YOSHIMURA DENSO Ltd.
- Distributor: YOSHIMURA DENSO Ltd.
- Country of manufacture: Japan (Kochi Prefecture)

[Inspection Body, Applicable Standards, etc.]
-Registered product by Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Industry Association

[Delivery Record]
- Companies, factories, schools, voluntary disaster prevention associations, neighborhood associations, municipalities, welfare facilities, museums, construction sites, event venues, etc. throughout Japan

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Light and strong! A "stretcher for disaster prevention" that can be easily carried by women and elderly people
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 38250JPY

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