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Prevents machines with wheels from moving during strong earthquakes

Item code: JS31012-2001C-3004V

Market price: 28000(14000/1)JPY
Our Price: 28000(14000/1)JPY

・ Just by putting these stoppers on the floor, it will keep any printers or other machines on wheels from moving.
・ It can hold machines up to 200kg still. It has cleared the highest level (7) in earthquake tests.
・ No need to attach anything to the floor, and no damage will be done to the floor.
・ This package contains enough stoppers for two machines. (2 boxes is 1 set).

Detail: ●Product name: Firm stoppers for multifunctional printers
・Item 1:for hard flooring / Weight:570g / Quantity:2 boxes(1 box: 2 pieces)

・Item 2: for carpet / Weight:580g / Quantity:12 boxes(1 box: 2 pieces)

【Best before date】
Has a lifetime of 8 years

・ABS resin, POM, Rubber, Nylon, Cloth adhesive

【Product size / Weight】
・Product size: width 15.5 x depth 1.55 x height 16.0cm
・Packing size: width 16.5 x depth 8.0 x height 21.0cm
・Total weight: 570〜580g
・There are two types of stoppers; for hard flooring and for carpet. The carpet option includes scrapers.
※ The sales from this product will be donated to the Risk & Life Association.

【Manufacture and sales】
・Brand (manufacturer):Excelsior Inc.
・Seller:SEI Enterprise
・Made in: Japan

【Inspection Organization, Applicable Standard, etc.】
・Cleared the strongest, three-dimensional earthquake test at UR Housing's Technical Research and Development Institute.

【Delivery Record】
・government office, Large enterprise, school, etc.

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Firm stoppers for multifunctional printers  2boxes
Firm stoppers for multifunctional printers 2boxes
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Prevents machines with wheels from moving during strong earthquakes
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Retail price:28000JPY
Our price: 28000JPY

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