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Wakoo Wakoo

Company name Imai Sisyu kougei
Contact person Hatsumi Imai
Address 68-5 Hiranotoriimaetyou
Kita-ku,kyoutosi Kyoto 603-8321 Japan
Telephone 075-461-5266
FAX 075-461-5266
Date of establishment 12/2003
Available language Japanese
Shipping cost
within Japan
640JPY - 5690JPY
Payment method Bank transfer Postal transfer 

* COD within Japan only.
Our recommended products

Writing with a sparkling pink fabric pouch Writing with a sparkling pink fabric pouch Writing with light blue cloth pouch area Ground writing with purple cloth pouch Crack specialty business card holder
Crack specialty business card holder

About us
Japanese kimono and obi and production and sale of Japanese goods and
Zone to the production of clothes and a few. Can also be designed to appeal to your own personal preference. Monk's working clothes (work clothes), and put accessories and also sells other accessories for Japanese.
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