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Gallery Yakimono Naganawa Gallery Yakimono Naganawa
Gallery Yakimono Naganawa

Company name Gallery Yakimono Naganawa
Contact person Yuriko Naganawa
Address 6-3-1 Himonya
Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-0003 Japan
Telephone 03-3792-3969
FAX 03-3792-3969
Date of establishment 1/1988
Available language Japanese / English
Shipping cost
within Japan
Free shipping within Japan over 30000JPY
Payment method Bank transfer Postal transfer Cash on delivery 

* Foreign credit cards are not available.
* COD within Japan only.
Our recommended products

Large pottery vase pottery wood-fired kiln made Konno Haruo Wood-burning kiln made porcelain large bowl tight Konno Haruo Blue white porcelain vase made Konno Haruo Blue white porcelain incense burner made Konno Haruo Shino Vase Tsukamoto Haruhiko
Bizen light stand by Y.Tomori Iga light work by M.Atarashi Oribe vessel by T.Kowari Shigaraki vase by T.Kowari Wood-burning kiln pottery made light Konno Haruo

About us
We feature both artistic and authentic Japanese potteries of Yakishime arts including Bizen, Iga,
Wood kiln (or the wood), pottery ware tight, Bizen, Iga ware, Oribe, Shino, Karatsu, pottery and porcelain planning, we are selling. The pottery clay, plastic, consists of three pillars of the firing. And the most important thing is that the harmony of three. We choose to work in that perspective. Lighting, interior products and excellent variety of photo frame.
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