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Nichiwa's Musical Instruments Nichiwa's Musical Instruments
Nichiwa's Musical Instruments

Company name Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Contact person S. Narumi
Address 1-12-18 Nishikicho
Tachikawa Tokyo 1900022 Japan
Telephone 042-521-2163
FAX 042-548-7766
Date of establishment 01/1956
Available language Japanese
Shipping cost
within Japan
900JPY - 69400JPY
Payment method Bank transfer Postal transfer Cash on delivery 

* COD within Japan only.
Our recommended products

Koto (6ft, traditional) Shinobue (C Major) Keyboard Harmonica (32 keys) Guqin (with tuning machine) Erhu (Python, Redsander)
Parankuu-Drum (Large, 8.3in) Shamisen (Synthetic Skin) Taiko-Drum (1.8ft, with stand) Tenor-Bass Trombone (M-Bore) Yangchin (44 strings)

About us
Japanese, Chinese and Okinawa's traditional musical instruments.
Shamisen and Koto for the beginner are 39,800 yen.
The Nichiwa's shamisen is made from Burmese rosewood. Koto is made from paulownia. As for the native wood, it's valuable and price is high. We are planting tree of cut amount. Our products are used at a lot of schools in Japan, and a lot of students are playing.
The reason why our products are cheap is that it manufactures it at an overseas captive factory. They are loaded into the marine container, and it carries in large quantities at a time, and it's sold directly to you. Therefore, the price is low.
The instruments that shop manager recommends is neither only a Japanese nor Okinawa's. Musical instruments of China are also popular. The Erhu that uses skin of Python can be bought for 10,000 yen or less. In addition, any musical instruments such as Zhonghu, Guqin, Guzheng, and Yangchin are very low price. Because PayPal can be used, the price can be paid in yen.
*As for the product that uses python skin, ivory, and turtle shell, export is limited by Washington Convention.
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