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Manufacturing Honpo miso dip demon Manufacturing Honpo miso dip demon
Manufacturing Honpo miso dip demon

Company name Katayamakinzou-shouten
Contact person Kinya Katayama
Address 45-1 Kanokusa.Yagi
Yagi-chou.Nantan-shi Kyoto 629-0141 Japan
Telephone 0771-42-2304
FAX 0771-42-5568
Date of establishment 01/1911
Available language Japanese
Shipping cost
within Japan
single national shipping cost 525JPY
Payment method Bank transfer Postal transfer Cash on delivery 

* Foreign credit cards are not available.
* COD within Japan only.
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About us
Miso you are looking for can be found here
The central region of Kyoto Prefecture, traditionally called Tanba mouth. Our shop is near the center that is located north of Kameoka basin located adjacent to the highway town of Yagi and Sanin 大堰 river flow upstream of the Katsuragawa Basin divide. This area is a lot of people coming and going from time immemorial, people and armed with continental culture, has been left our footprints are many warriors strife. And at the foot of the bridge according to the image of towns 大堰川 reminiscent to the early Meiji still flourished in water transport, the first year since its inception Taisho continues to have offices.
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