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Megumi China (Keika) Megumi China (Keika)
Megumi China (Keika)

Company name keika
Contact person ikawareiko
Address 1-59
nakagawakumatunokityou Aichi 454-0848 Japan
Telephone 052-6814587
FAX 052-681-4587
Date of establishment 12/2008
Available language Japanese / Others
Shipping cost
within Japan
Free shipping within Japan over 10000JPY
Payment method Bank transfer Postal transfer Cash on delivery 

* COD within Japan only.
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About us
Health & Beauty diet supplement
The flower shop Kinokosapuri Department to meet you. Hua Department is the main raw material and sells products such as Cordyceps and Reishi are called herbal medicine and fortune Sen. Meanwhile, products and aims to clean Supplements of healthy subject, in the cosmetics department offers a variety of cosmetic skin-friendly natural materials and soy-based. We will manufacture custom-made artificial breast silicon breast health care in the selection of breast cancer and who lost. Pat is also selling fast-food type. China is the mission of the Department Health and beauty.
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