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Challenge & Healthy Paws
The greatest challenge you face as a dog owner is ensuring your dog’s diet is nutritious and healthy as well as delicious. Breeders and exhibitors are much more aware of the way complete dog food is manufactured as well as the necessity of producing and keeping dogs in optimum condition.
Challenge dog food is a result of years of working with dogs and understanding their nutritional needs - whether they are show dogs, working dogs, valuable brood bitches or best friends
Our Gluten, Soya and Dairy free products ‘fresh salmon based’ premium complete foods continue to please our customers with the results they are producing.
Challenge foods contain no genetically modified ingredients.

[Healthy Paws]
The use of rabbit provides a unique protein source for dogs which may have become intolerent to other forms of protein. Rabbit is a very lean meat which we consider to more closely resemble the natural diet of the dog. It has lower cholesterol and fat levels than chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, pork etc. with the US Department of Agriculture stating that rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat.

Clinivet & Davies
Clinivet Nutrition is the ultimate in super premium nutrition. Clinivet Nutrition is a completely natural pet food - it contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and no wheat gluten, beef, lamb, dairy or soya products. This makes it the ideal food for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, itchy skin, or dull, lifeless coats.

At Pets Choice we understand your needs and expectations from a food whether it be for a pet, working, racing or show dog - the food must perform and meet your demands. By listening to your needs and utilising your experience in conjunction with our technology and dedicated expert staff, we know we can deliver, enabling you to achieve the maximum health and performance from your dog.

Plemium Dog Food
Healthy Paws
Clinivet Davies


Healthy snack fish helps skin and fur.

Yumega Plus is a natural blend of the finest omega 3&6 oils from coldpressed Golden Flax, Starflower and fresh Salmon oil, selected to help dogs with sensitive and itchy skin

Yumega Plus is proven to:

◦Calms sensitive skin
◦Reduces itching and scratching
◦Supports skin health
The omega 3&6 oils in Yumega Plus will help to calm your dog's skin to reduce itching and scratching, and support skin health over the longer term

NATURAL PRODUCT Yumega Dog contains the finest natural sources of essential Omega 3 and 6 seed oils from natural coldpressed golden flax, starflower and fresh salmon oil, recommended to improve sensitive skin.

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