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Expo Shop Japon
Expo Shop Japon is an online catalogue of quirky collections, ranging from tableware and home decorations to clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

All the items on behalf of the designers are one-of-a-kind pieces made by unique artisans, such as traditional handmade leather Getas, a rectangular Japanese shoe, or handpainted, uniquely designed, clog like Waraji.

The site also features an array of cashmere and silk stoles and Japanese style Obi (traditional belts) which you can easily use to jazz up any plain shirt or jacket.
Gorgeous bamboo and silk fans, mobile phone holders and leather chopstick cases...,

Expo Shop Japon has something for everyone.
Traditional Japanese Umbrella from Kyoto Papercraft Chair made of recycled paper Original Bamboo seal with your name! Authentic indigo dyed T shirts
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About us
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Company name : Expo Shop Japon
Contact person : Ciel AOKI
Address : 6 rue Devès 92200 Neuilly sur Seine France
Date of establishment : /1980
Available language : Japanese / English
International shipping: Yes
Email :
Date of establishment : 2007
Available language : Japanese / English / French
International shipping: Yes
Expo Shop Japon

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Home Auction and Shopping mall Variety shops Expo Shop Japon
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