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Japan domestic eco-to sell traditional products in kimono, is a specialty shop for household goods and products, Japan's own product to people from other countries. Is people from other countries is hard really to buy Japan products looking for your products in our shop and sell.
Suitable for young Nishijin kimonos furisode Work wear for kimono that SAMUI A footwear and bag-only outing kimono Sell hats in persimmon juice etc.
Character magnets Offer made kimono fabric bags Famous Oshima tsumugi cloth
About us
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Company name : MIYUSHOP
Contact person : Ryuichi Abe
Address : 448-13 Osaki,Tokamachi-shi,Niigata 948-0008 Japan
Telephone +81 080-8033-8217
International shipping: Yes
Date of establishment : 2013/05/08
Available language : Japanese /
International shipping: Yes

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Home Auction and Shopping mall Variety shops MIYUSHOP
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