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The lacquer tree grows in the warm, humid lands of Southeast Asia. Its sap has been collected by humans, processed, and used for religious artifacts or daily items since ancient times, becoming closely intertwined with human life in the process.
Some 70% of Japan is covered in forests. They have been used to supply bark for cloth or paper, or timber for many items used in daily life. Our culture grew up alongside trees, of which lacquer forms an important aspect. Ancient shell-mounds dating back some 6,000 years have even yielded a red lacquered comb and black lacquered pottery.
Lacquer as a material is noted for its excellent resistance to heat and water, as well as its antiputrefactive properties. It can also be applied as an adhesive to wood and bamboo, pottery, metal, cloth, glass, paper, and leather, and today is used in a wide range of industrial products.
However, as it is the sap of a tree that grows in warm, humid regions, it does not perform well in very arid regions.
Most of the lacquerware offered by our online shop features simple designs which will blend in well with the interior decors of other countries and cultures. For example, bowls are suitable for serving soup or coffee, tea boxes for storing bread or sweets, and lids can also be used as trays.
Presentation bowls are also ideal for storing pasta, and stationery boxes with cloth laid inside make ideal jewelry boxes.
Look and see how you can make lacquerware part of your lifestyle.
Wave-pattern vase Tubular (Small) Square tray Brocade Pattern Folding screen Kinma-nuri
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