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Taiko Center Co., Ltd. is a Japanese musical instruments company based in Kyoto. We sell our products to the customers from all over the world. We have English website and offer English service.

Nagado daiko, Shime daiko, Oke daiko, Hirado daiko, Eisa daiko

Shinobue, Ryuteki, Nohkan, Hichiriki, Sho, Shakuhachi, Horagai

Drumstick, Chappa, Chanchiki, Hyoshigi, Tettou

[String Instrument]
Shamisen, Biwa

[Japanese Costume]
Happi, Tabi, Matahiki, Muneate, Haramaki, Sarashi, Hachimaki, Tekkou

CD, Book, DVD, Gagaku, Nohgaku, Eisa, Folk arts

Samurai- Japanese Martial Arts Taiko
Shinobue Furyu
Happi Coat Tabi Shoes

Japanese musical instruments are usually made of natural materials. Bamboo flute is bamboo, and taiko is wood and cowhide. The artisans craft them one by one. Enjoy natural sounds and artisans'work.

Taiko Center Co., Ltd. is located in Kyoto city. We ship our products to the customers from all over the world on every Monday to Friday. We also have brick and mortal shop.

We also have taiko classes. Many tourists come to Japan and take our taiko classes. It is one of the popular Japanese cultural activities among tourists. Taiko is the traditional musical instrument but playing taiko is very interesting for modern people. It is like a mix of music and sports. Please inquire for details.

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Arigatou Gozaimasu

I am Togo Miyahara from Taiko Center Co., Ltd. and in charge of international sales. We sell not only taiko drums but also other Japanese instruments and costumes. We have many customers from over 35 countries. Our shopping is very easy, and I respond to your order and inquiry quickly. Please feel free to contact us and place an order.

We have brick and mortal shop in Kyoto city (a ancient city with 1200 years history). Please stop by our Kyoto shop when you come to Kyoto.

Company name : Taiko Center Online Shop
Contact person : Togo Miyahara
Address : 113-4 Takatsuji Oomiya-cho Shimogyou-ku Kyoto city, Kyoto prefecture 600-8387 Japan
Email :
Date of establishment : 1988/02/05
Available language : Japanese / English
International shipping: Yes

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Home Leisure and Hobby Japanese instruments Taiko Center Online Shop
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