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sato taikando
Description Since its founding in 1946, the works of famous artists, it is treating the whole tea ceremony.
Since its founding in 1946, the works of famous artists, it is treating the whole tea ceremony. In addition, the online shop, so for the tea and sells a wide range from beginner, will simply feel free...
Products Tea utensils Ceramics Tableware Tea bowl Lacquer ware Hanging scroll
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asahiyaki pottery
Description Pottery tea produced in Uji, Kyoto, cups, bowls, and plates are sold
We have been selling pottery vessels in Uji, Kyoto 400-year history. Uji so famous tea producing area, offers a lot of equipment related to tea.
Products Teapot Sencha equipment Cup Cup Plate Coffee Bowl
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Gallery Bien
Description Professional ceramic artists gallery work, with a special exhibition and online sales.
Gallery is a professional ceramic pottery kilns known works deal with the country. Tsuboya Okinawa, Hagi, Bizen, Banko, Iga, Mino, Echizen, featuring works from artists around planning another local M...
Products Ceramic works Bizen Hagi ware Tsuboya ware Okinawa Pottery chick Porcelain Accessories -
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Description Kaiseki-ryori need a receptacle
Formal Kaiseki-ryori style
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Nihon Ya
Description online store to worldwide from Japan. Japanese lacquerware, Yukata, Kimono etc. for sale.
Nihon Ya sells worldwide Japanese traditional crafts mainly including Yukata, Kimono,Japanese lacquerware, Japanese tableware, Japanese business item, etc.. Safe payment system and traceable delivery ...
Products Yukata Kimono Japanese Lacquer ware Kiriko Obi Kitchen
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Gallery Yakimono Naganawa
Description We feature both artistic and authentic Japanese potteries of Yakishime arts including Bizen, Iga,
Wood kiln (or the wood), pottery ware tight, Bizen, Iga ware, Oribe, Shino, Karatsu, pottery and porcelain planning, we are selling. The pottery clay, plastic, consists of three pillars of the firing....
Products Bizen Iga Sigaraki ware Pottery kiln burning wood fastening Oribe Shino
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daily tableware - Iris Hermit
Description Daily use tableware.
Arita surrounding areas, "Arita" "Imari" "Hasami" "Mikawachi" is a region famous for its production of ceramics.
Tableware are carefully selected from around the Arita pottery.
Products Tableware Porcelain Imari Hasami Ware Ceramics Pottery
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Surou webshop
Description Surou webshop
The shop is located in a low-lying area of Tokyo, Nihonbashi-Ningyocho where is famous for
Products Goto lighting Glasswares Sakewares Chopsticks Japanese clothes Tenugui (hand towels)
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